We make your piano easier and more enjoyable to play and listen to.



This makes the piano sound better.

Frequency adjustment of each individual string (around 230 in the average piano) by increasing or decreasing the tension of the string.


This makes the piano tone even from note to note, and brighter or softer, which is different from volume.e

Adjustment of tonality to improve timbre. This is primarily achieved by controlling or changing the hammer felt density of each individual hammer. 

Repairs and Rebuilding

This fixes or restores your piano to a working condition.

These services may include simple repairs such as replacing a string or repairing a hammer, or major rebuilding services including complete string and action replacement.


This makes the piano easier to play.

Adjustment of the action mechanism (Keys, Hammers, Pedals) to optimize efficiency of touch. 

Cleaning and Polishing

This makes the piano look better.

This involves cleaning the dust, dirt, grime, and foreign objects from inside of the piano, including under the strings, under the keys, and inside the action. Your piano cabinet case parts will also be cleaned and lightly polished using a non-abrasive polish.

Player Piano Service

This makes your player piano system work the way its supposed to.

This service involves repair and replacement of broken player piano components, applying software, firmware, and media updates, key and pedal calibration, and upgrades from old disk or cd media systems to a digital media format.

Digital Player Piano System Info

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